Updated: Jan 12, 2020

On this occasion I write about this very unusual but not less important subject; I would say, "it is very important" because in these times we are in a revolution of good physical condition and personal defense, we all want to be fit, look good and healthy! as well as practicing personal defense, due to the high rate of violence that exists today in the world, for example bullying. Karate in its essence is a wonderful alternative that we can choose, because it brings together all the qualities we seek in a single discipline or sporting activity; among the benefits we have, personal defense, muscle toning, flexibility, coordination and much more. the question? HOW DO I FIND A GOOD KARATE INSTRUCTOR? I'll tell them! First we must locate a school near our town, there we will find the person who will be with us for a long time since karate is a martial art and as art has no end, we will always be in constant learning and improvement of the technique, and here is the importance of a good karate instructor (sensei). We will spend part of our lives with that person we choose to teach us. In my opinion I can tell you that one of the most important qualities of a sensei is to TEACH WITH THE EXAMPLE; Respect, personal cleanliness, integrity, character and good physical condition. A karate instructor who does not train can not be called sensei, on the other hand one of the important basic conditions is that he has a family, wife and children; that way we can have a sensei that shows sensitivity with our children and with ourselves, more human and full of love. It is also essential that the sensei have his teacher and that he remain in the constant pursuit of learning, and as a last aspect I recommend a check on the sensei's credentials, which should generally be placed in a visible place at the school. This includes certification of rank, affiliation to a worldwide recognized organization and affiliation to the national federation of each country. I say goodbye and I hope to address other topics of common interest that are growth and teachings in this way of healthy life through exercise and martial arts.

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