Updated: Jan 12, 2020

• Righteousness: being able to make a decision without hesitation, being fair and objective in all circumstances.

• Courage: face the challenge of making decisions.

• Goodness: be magnanimous, patient and tolerant.

• Courtesy: respect and good manners of behavior.

• Detachment: act selflessly, unselfishly and generously.

• Sincerity: always tell the truth, defend this and be faithful to the given word.

• Honor: appreciation and defense of one's dignity.

• Modesty: not being arrogant or vain.

• Loyalty: being true to one's convictions.

• Self-control: having control over acts, emotions and words.

• Friendship: give yourself in a whole, know how to share and help.

• Integrity: treat everyone equally, defend the truth.

• Generosity: giving without asking for anything in return.

• Impartiality: make judgments according to the truth.

• Patience: it is tolerating the intolerable.

• Serenity: control of impulses in the face of conflicts and difficulties.

• Self-confidence: believe in yourself.

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