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We believe that confidence, discipline and strength are the key to a high-level Karate Do School. We strive to provide exceptional standards of practice through our instructors. 


Prepare for a transformation, both inside and out. Join Zanshin Fitness Club to bring to light the warrior inside,


Contact us today and join a class!



Offer the best education and training to each student, and achieve in them the greatest physical, technical and emotional benefit.


Promote and transmit the culture of sport and martial arts, from generation to generation to have a healthier and more active society.

Stop Bullying, Practice Karate!

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Karate Do


It is a noble martial art based on values that combine physical, mental, and spiritual development where we will find infinite benefits: self-defense, ethical and moral values, discipline, self-esteem, the release of stress, weight loss, muscle tone, agility, speed, and flexibility.

Our assessment system is based on grades (kyu) and belt colors (obi) which will make you enjoy your learning process and stay motivated to reach new goals.

Asai Shotokan Association International


-Our certification guarantees a quality learning endorsed by Asai Shotokan Association International.

-Our programs and classes are designed and adjusted to your needs.

-Join our virtual dojo and be part of this new online learning experience.

-All our classes are private.

-Learn Spanish while learning karate.

-Our partners guarantee the quality of services. 

"Hablamos español" 

Fitness Trainers


If you are motivated to be healthier and stronger, you have come to the right place.

As fitness professionals, we can help you set realistic goals and transform your health, we can also help you achieve a better lifestyle. We will teach you to build strong habits that have a high impact on your physical, mental and spiritual state.

Adequate nutrition, with physical exercises and a correct rest, will renew your thoughts.


We work from the internal to the external.

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