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What is Zanshin Fitness Club?

Zanshin Fitness Club is a school with a long history in teaching karate do, self-defense and fitness, working with honesty, perseverance and responsibility. All their classes are private, they do not accept more than 3 students per class to guarantee better learning.

What services does Zanshin Fitness Club offer?

Zanshin Fitness Club offers karate do classes, personal training, self-defense courses for women, and kata and kumite competition advice. Its programs and classes are designed and adjusted to the needs of each student.

What hours does Zanshin Fitness Club have?

Zanshin Fitness Club has flexible hours to adapt to the preferences of its clients. It offers in-person and online classes from Monday to Saturday, from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM, depending on the type of service.

What are the benefits of practicing karate do with Zanshin Fitness Club?
Practicing karate do with Zanshin Fitness Club has multiple benefits for physical, mental and spiritual development. These include: self-defense, ethical and moral values, discipline, self-esteem, stress release, weight loss, muscle tone, agility, speed and flexibility.

What type of karate is taught at Zanshin Fitness Club?

The type of karate taught at Zanshin Fitness Club is shotokan karate do. This is a style of karate that is characterized by its linear, fast and powerful movements, as well as its low and stable positions. Shotokan karate do is based on the principles of dojo kun, which are five ethical rules that guide the conduct of practitioners inside and outside the dojo.

These rules are:


Seek perfection of character.

Be faithful to the path of truth.

Strive to improve.

Respect to others.

Refrain from violent behavior​. 


What certification does Zanshin Fitness Club have?

Zanshin Fitness Club has a certification that guarantees quality learning endorsed by Asai Shotokan Association International. In addition, its instructors are sports and martial arts professionals with extensive experience and training. promotes the legacy of master Tetsuhiko Asai, one of the most influential and respected karate do instructors in the world. The Asai Shotokan Association International offers a system of degrees (kyu) and belts (obi) that recognize the technical level and progress of students.

Are there any requirements to join Zanshin Fitness Club?

There are no special requirements to join Zanshin Fitness Club, you just need to be willing to learn and improve. Zanshin Fitness Club offers classes for all levels, ages and physical conditions. To register, you can contact the club through its website.

Zanshin Fitness Club offers a free trial class so that those interested can check the quality of their teaching.

How much do classes cost?
Costs are based on program type and membership package. We also offer discounts for families, contact us today!

Do you participate in tournaments?
Students can participate in tournaments through our competition team. Zanshin fitness club is a member of the AAU and USANKF National Karate Program, participating in invitational, state, regional, national and international competitions. Team members may also qualify to participate as part of the AAU-USA and USA NKF National Karate Team.

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