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Asai benefits. 

 ASAI members have a direct access to Shihan Yokota, 9th dan, ASAI World Chief Instructor to ask technical questions. He is one of the few instructors who specializes in Asai ryu karate. Asai-ryu karate is an advanced form of Shotokan karate and only a few instructors are familiar with this style. In fact, Shihan Yokota is considered as one of the best Shotokan karate instructors in the world. This privilege is truly unique and vastly beneficial if exercised. We know that no other Japanese organizations such as JKA, JKS, ISKF, SKIF, etc. offer such an opportunity. Just think. Is it possible for you to have a personal communication and ask technical questions to the Chief instructors such as Ueki sensei, Kagawa sensei, Kanazawa sensei, Okazaki sensei, Abe sensei, etc.? Of course not. At ASAI, you can have such a unique and special opportunity. 