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Asai Benefits. 

 ASAI members have a direct access to Shihan Yokota, 9th dan, ASAI World Chief Instructor to ask technical questions. He is one of the few instructors who specializes in Asai ryu karate. Asai-ryu karate is an advanced form of Shotokan karate and only a few instructors are familiar with this style. In fact, Shihan Yokota is considered as one of the best Shotokan karate instructors in the world. This privilege is truly unique and vastly beneficial if exercised. We know that no other Japanese organizations such as JKA, JKS, ISKF, SKIF, etc. offer such an opportunity. Just think. Is it possible for you to have a personal communication and ask technical questions to the Chief instructors such as Ueki sensei, Kagawa sensei, Kanazawa sensei, Okazaki sensei, Abe sensei, etc.? Of course not. At ASAI, you can have such a unique and special opportunity. 

Our members also have a direct access to ASAI Shihankai, a team of 7 senior instructors of 6th dan or higher who reside around the world (2 in Japan, 1 in the USA, 1 in Latin America, 2 in Europe and 1 in Middle East). You will have the tremendous amount of technical resource on any subjects that are related to karate and martial arts. 

ASAI is non-political and open to the other organizations. Other organizations typically do not allow the membership to another karate organization. Most of them are very exclusive and preventive. Whereas, we are open and allow our members to affiliate with any other karate and/or martial arts organizations. We believe we can learn and benefit from other organizations and styles (details described next).

Note: There is a rule, however, to an officer of ASAI such as a country representative. An officer of another organization is not qualified to assume an official position of ASAI. Having official positions in multiple organizations may cause some unfavorable actions and decisions to one party. Our officers are expected to have full loyalty to ASAI. 

ASAI is open to all karate styles: We are open not only to the other organizations of Shotokan, but also to other styles of karate such as Shotokai, Wadoryu, Shitoryu, Gojurui, etc. Most of the karate organizations are exclusive and limiting your affiliation but we are not. In fact, some of our existing members belong to other styles. 

We recognize the dan grade from JKA and its lineage organizations in Japan and authorized by the Japanese examiners: Most of the Japanese karate organizations do not cross recognize the dan ranks from other organizations.

ASAI offers the lateral dan recognition so that your dan diplomas from those organizations will be recognized. You will be qualified to take a dan exam to your next level. We have a specific policy regarding this matter, so you can discuss this matter further with Shihan Yokota after you affiliate with ASAI. 

ASAI believes in budo karate: We promote budo karate, even though we respect sport karate. We believe budo karate is the real karate that was brought to Japan from Okinawa by Master Funakoshi. If you are interested in the true essence of karatedo and wish to learn it, we teach it at ASAI. 

ASAI teaches a very unique and respected karate style, Asai karate. We are one of the few organizations that enjoy the heritage of Asai karate which was founded by Master Asai. He created many new kata as well as the new way of practicing budo karate. All members have an access to the ASAI syllabus and Asai kata (five Junro and more). Only a few instructors around the world know and perform Asai karate. We, ASAI instructors will help you not only with the standard Shotokan karate but also with Asai karate. 

ASAI members will get a discount on teaching fee when they host a seminar featuring Shihan Yokota. We will provide you the details after you affiliate with us. 

ASAI members can apply for an Online (internet) Dojo teaching (the number of students is very limited so the members can apply to see if they are qualified) as well as an opportunity to an Online dan examination (you can receive the details once you become a member of ASAI).

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